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Here at Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair we do much more than just kitchen appliances. We service, maintain, and sell everything from the kitchen range to air-conditioners! Air conditioning could be an optional requirement for some, but it’s certainly vital to other people. Excessive heat and humidity are often harmful to the well-being of many people. To those people, a functional air-conditioning unit is as necessary as heating in the winter months. Air conditioners are a vital part of lots of modern day houses. Getting the best type of AC filter is critical for the smooth and correct performance of the air conditioning system itself. We suggest the top AC filter systems to prevent airborne dirt and dust in the home from entering into the AC system. in your home undoubtedly turns into a necessity as opposed to a luxury when the temperatures begin reaching 90+ degrees consistently. This summer isn’t the time to realize your air cooling system is no longer working properly you need a maintenance plan. Call the kitchen specialist to get your AC repaired or serviced for this summer.

Central Air and Heat Unit
Repair and Maintenance

Air-conditioner maintenance is sometimes an essential need in a few areas of the country. Having AC that is broken is comparable to having a furnace that is on the fritz when it is 10 below zero. Here kitchen specialist will understand that if you’re air-conditioners broken this is going to make your home a miserable place to live. There are several things that could be causing your air-conditioner to stop working efficiently and one of them could be the systems evaporator coils. Your evaporator coils can draw dust and dirt that interfere with the function of the coils. The gene know that a simple cleansing of the coils can increase efficiency of your air-conditioner and make it cool better. This is just one of the services that we offer a Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair.

We Are a Factory Authorized Dealer

When you have an air-conditioner emergency this is no time to take risks when your health and well-being are at stake. You need a contractor that you can trust where you will be treated fairly and with respect. Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair is a factory authorized dealer of many heating and air conditioners and heat pumps. When you call us we will come out and tell you if it is cheaper to repair or replace your existing unit. We have certified technicians that have industry experience, knowledge of your product and training to handle any type of cooling or heating repair.

Furnace Units Serviced and Maintained

Your heating, ventilation and AC systems can last on an average of 15 years. However, when you’re heating and cooling system is properly maintained they can last much longer and cost you less in your utility bills. Typically, nearly 45% of your utility bill costs come from heating and cooling your home. Just having an energy-efficient heating and cooling system will not have a dramatic affect on your utility costs you need to consider other factors as well including insulation, weatherization and your thermostat settings. Proper installation and weatherization can result in cutting your energy usage bills in half.

Maintenance and Authorized Dealer of Heat Pumps

Here At Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair we can also service and maintain furnaces and heat pumps to keep them running efficiently. Many homeowners do not understand that a heat pump is an air-conditioner in which the cooling cycle can be run in reverse producing heat instead of air-conditioning. Commonly these heat pumps are also referred to as “reverse cycle air conditioners” we can do repairs on heat pumps as well as any other type of heating and cooling system in your house. Not only can we do the maintenance on these systems we are also a factory authorized dealer of many types of heat pumps. One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a heat pump from us is that they are significantly more energy-efficient than other types of heating and air-conditioning systems. So whenever you need maintenance or repairs on your heating and air systems in your home please call your Kitchen Specialist.If It Cooks, Cleans, Heats or Cools We Fix It!