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Residential Kitchen Appliance Repair

Kitchen Appliance Repair We’re Here When You Need Us

Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair is an independent appliance repair company specializing in residential and commercial appliance repair. We provide appliance repair service to Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. Here at Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair we are available 24/7 for any appliance mishaps that may occur. Our service calls started $75.

We Specialize in Refrigerator Repair

When it comes to kitchen appliances, whenever your refrigerator breaks down you need to have a knowledgeable and efficient repair technician within hours not days! So whenever you think who does refrigerator repair, there’s only one name that should come to mind and that is the Kitchen Specialist. When your refrigerator goes on the blink, you stand the chance of losing perishable foods that are in your refrigerator. And that can be very costly whenever you consider the price of meat and produce in the supermarket. Here’s what to do whenever your refrigerator breaks down. Leave the doors shut and call Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair immediately at (479) 629-8744.

Service on Oven, Stove Top’s & Ranges

When it comes to any appliance repair, Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair will always place a priority on customers that have refrigerator problems first. However, Kitchen Specialist does repairs on electrical and gas ovens and stovetops as well. When we do the repairs on your ovens and stovetops, we use nothing but OEM parts. We are capable of diagnosing any problem with oven units and stovetops from the heating elements to the thermostat controls. We can do simple repairs such as replacing a gas line to something much more complicated such as replacing burner units.

Microwave Oven Repair & Dishwasher Repair

Microwave repair is not something that is practiced by many appliance repair providers. The overall cost of microwaves has gone down in the past several years, however; many people do not understand that microwave repair can be a cost-efficient alternative to that of a brand-new microwave.

Dishwasher Sales and Service

Is your dishwasher leaking or perhaps it has a very foul smell. Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair can service your dishwasher and get it back into tip-top shape in no time. One of the causes of the foul-smelling dishwasher could be improper draining of the unit or there could be areas where food is been trapped near the burners. When it comes to any kitchen appliance if it cooks, cleans, heats or cools we are the only service provider that you need!If It Cooks, Cleans, Heats or Cools We Fix It!