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Washing Machine and Dryer Repair

Before you call for services, please check out some of the common problems in our troubleshooting section.
Washing machine and dryer repair troubleshooting. Washing machine or dryer repair work, on most occasions, needs to be left to those who are qualified to repair it. Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair is here to help you fix your machine. If we are unable to repair your washing machine or dryer, don’t forget we also sell household appliances!

Deciding to Repair Your Washer or Clothes Dryer

Our washing machine and dryer repair technicians can identify the problem to be a number of things. For example, the lid switch might need a replacement unit, your washer or dryer could have continuity problems, or it could even be a trouble with your electrical wall socket. As with any appliance repair work, there are always hazards dealing with electricity and gas. If you’re not comfortable working with electrical hazards, please do not try to attempt repairs on your own.

Local Appliance Repair Pro’s

Kitchen Specialist adheres to the highest standards and solution for performing repairs. Additionally, we provide superb customer service. Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair frequently assist people prolong the lives of their Machines. Kitchen Specialist Appliance Repair in Spiro, OK services Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. Our callout service calls are only $75, and repairs are nearly always more cost effective than purchasing a new washing machine or dryer. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Washing Machine and Dryer Repair Will Save You Money in the Long Run!

When one of your appliances for the home just isn’t performing as it ought to, it is working harder than it needs to. To give an example, in the event your dryer takes a very long time to dry your clothes, it’s working considerably longer than it really must have to. Due to this, you’re wasting electricity along with your hard-earned money by putting off clothing dryer repair work. Instead of running your clothes through the dryer 2 or 3 times you should think about getting one of our tech’s to look at your clothes dryer and repair it as soon as possible. One of our specialists can fix your machine and make sure that your clothes dryer is working at peak performance, and this can help you save a considerable amount of cash in the long term.If It Cooks, Cleans, Heats or Cools We Fix It!